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A Tempest of Tea

a tempest of tea book



Compiler: Safar-e-Adab
Edition: Paperback, Hardcover
Publication Year: 2024
Language: Urdu
A collection of short stories

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Introducing “Ahlaam”, a collection of short stories.

Embark on a literary journey like no other with our latest anthology published by Safar-e-Adab, and proudly presented by Dear Kitabein!

Dive into the rich tapestry of 12 captivating short stories, each penned by talented Indian authors in the enchanting Urdu language. These tales aren’t just stories; they’re powerful lessons in disguise, carefully woven to inspire personal growth and transformation in every reader.

From heartwarming narratives of love and redemption to riveting adventures of self-discovery, each story in this anthology holds the potential to touch your soul and ignite positive change in your life.

Whether you’re seeking wisdom, seeking inspiration, or simply craving a delightful escape into the world of Urdu literature, “Ahlaam” is the perfect companion for your journey.

Title of 12 short stories:
1) Ek Ishq Waqt-e-Ghuroob Sa by Rajpoot Aqsa
2) Kuchh Khwab Hain by Shafaque Iqbal
3) Jalta Diya by Tabassum Hayat
4) Asr Al Hayat by Adeeba Afreen
5) Ashnayi by Afshan Mughal
6) Khooni Thappar by Shaista Tehneen
7) Qafs Ki Titliyan by Anabiya Shaikh
8) Khasara by Ifrah Sadaf
9) Jazba by Faiza Shaikh
10) Nuswaniyat by Umme Salma
11) Mai Sinf-e-Aahan by Umaira Khan
12) Wo Kaun Tha by Maham Ansari

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Paperback, Hardcover


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